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VAIBC Lord’s Day Service 04182021

VAIBC Lord’s Day Service, April 18, 2021
버지니아 아가페 인터내셔날 침례교회 주일예배

00:01​​ Children’s Cell Session (어린이셀)
20:00​​ Regular Session (주일예배)
25:55 예배기도: 송명진 집사 Prayer: Dea. Myungjin Becker
29:20​​ 교회소식 Church Announcement
31:16 봉헌 Offering
38:52​​ 성경봉독 Scripture Reading
39:38 특별찬송 Special Praise Song – VAIBC Choir
[도우심을 구함 / Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing]
43:40 예배설교: 민용복 목사 Preaching: Rev. Yong Bok Min
설교통역: 곽두식 안수집사 Translating: Ord. Dea. Dusic Kwak
1:13:57​​ 축도 Benediction

Thanks for joining our online worship service!
We are praying that this time will be an encouragement to you!

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